Warning: WhatsApp Users Will Soon Have Access To This Crucial Feature, Check It Out Here

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Warning: WhatsApp Users Will Soon Have Access To This Crucial Feature, Check It Out Here

One of the many new features that WhatsApp is hard at work developing for its users is the ability to search messages based on the date they were sent. It has been stated that the instant messaging network is working on this functionality, and that it will soon be made available to the general public. Users of WhatsApp will soon be able to quickly access a conversation that took place on a certain day by pressing on a newly added “calendar icon” inside the app, which will become available after this new feature is released.

According to claims from WaBetaInfo, the functionality was noticed for the first time almost two years ago; however, after testing it for a period of time, WhatsApp decided to abandon their intention to deploy it. “After releasing the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from TestFlight, we learned that WhatsApp is finally intending to offer the functionality in the future again,” “After releasing the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from TestFlight,”


How exactly does the function operate inside WhatsApp?

WABetaInfo has provided a screenshot in order to provide users with an idea of how this update will behave once it has been made operational and made available for usage.

The WA Beta Info team has provided us with a screenshot of the impending patch.


Make a search for the message using the keywords.

Users who are looking for a message may do their search by providing a keyword at this time. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

(1) Launch WhatsApp and, when on the ‘Chats’ page, scroll all the way down to see the ‘Search’ bar.

(2) In it, write the word or phrase you want to search for. (3) Click the “Find” button.

(3) Tapping a result will open the corresponding message in the corresponding conversation.

This new feature will be of great assistance in locating important talks or remembering the chat that took place on a given day amongst individuals or in a group. It will also be of great use in locating conversations that took place on a certain date.


If a person recalls the date of the discussion but doesn’t remember the texts or keywords to look for on the chat, then the user may discover the conversation just by merely searching the date. This is because the date is the only piece of information that is required to locate the chat.


WhatsApp will soon allow users to conceal their online status.

WhatsApp have just made an announcement that they would be launching a new feature that will enable select fortunate beta testers to hide their online status. Once the tool is made accessible to the general public, users will have the ability to choose from a variety of settings to adjust their level of privacy.


Users just need to go to the WhatsApp settings menu, choose Account, and then click Privacy. If they then look for “Last seen and online,” it indicates that the functionality is already accessible for their account. And if it’s available, you’ll be able to choose the individuals in your contact list who will be able to view your most recent online and seen status.


However, WhatsApp has not provided any information on when the new feature would become available to the general public. They are need to wait for a longer period of time and monitor any changes on it.


On the other hand, WhatsApp will soon cease functioning on certain of the older iPhone handsets beginning on October 24 and moving forward.


It has been decided that WhatsApp will no longer provide updates for iPhones running iOS 10 and iOS 11 operating systems. Those who utilise Apple products and have either an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 5c should basically take notice of this new study.


Additionally, WhatsApp More than 2.4 million Indian accounts were terminated in July of this year by the messaging platform that is owned by Meta.

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