Those who led the youngsters of the downtown area astray also sent their own children elsewhere for their education: J&K LG Manoj Sinha

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Those who led the youngsters of the downtown area astray also sent their own children elsewhere for their education: J&K LG Manoj Sinha

The statement “says some people played at the hands of conspirators; put other’s home on fire; led a sumptuous life in other countries; declares employment for 1,000 downtown young; promises to rebuild Shahr-e-Khass as the heart of Kashmir” describes how certain individuals participated in a plot.

Manoj Sinha, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, made this statement on September 7 in Srinagar. He claimed that people who misdirected the young of Kashmir, particularly those from downtown, chose to send their own children elsewhere for education. He stated that some individuals who played at the hands of “conspirators” set other people’s houses on fire while they themselves remained in distant nations so that they may lead a life free from strain.

The LG, on the other hand, did not identify anybody. According to a local news outlet called Kashmir News Observer, he was speaking to a crowd just after inaugurating an indoor stadium in the Elahibagh neighbourhood on the outskirts of Srinagar (KNO).

“While they were sending their own children to be educated in other countries, some individuals in Kashmir led the younger generation, particularly those from the downtown area of Srinagar, astray. The LG said, without mentioning any specific individuals, that “these people while playing at the hands of conspirators set other people’s home on fire and themselves opted to enjoy a rich life in distant nations.”

He emphasised the need of the people and society of Kashmir coming together to take a stance against these individuals and foil their schemes. “There is still evidence of a conspiracy. Sinha said that in today’s world, our young people are being coerced into using illegal substances, and that “we need to rescue our kids and foil this scheme of adversaries as well.”

According to the LG, a facility for drug rehabilitation would shortly open in the Elahibagh neighbourhood of Srinagar. During his outreach to the young people of downtown Srinagar, he told them that Shahr-e-Khass, which is another name for downtown, has historically been the beating heart of Kashmir and that his government would make every attempt to regain that reputation.

He said, “I want to see the young of downtown represent India at the world level,” and I quote: “I want to see it happen.” Additionally, it was declared by the LG that one thousand young people living in downtown Srinagar would be given employment opportunities, and that those involved in copper, paper machie, and other arts will also have their circumstances altered as part of a cluster programme.

He said that owing to the remarkable skill that can be found among the local youths, the downtown area of Srinagar is quickly becoming a magnet for sports champions.

The LG said that gone are the days when young people in Srinagar had to struggle to exhibit their skills and that those days are now in the past. “In today’s day and age, the young of downtown are succeeding in a variety of sports and activities linked to sports even at the national level. It is just a matter of time until the kids of the downtown area demonstrate their worth on a global scale, he remarked.

He said that the downtown area of Srinagar is quickly becoming the centre of champions as a result of the fact that it has created young men such as Ronaldo in addition to producing cricket players.

Sinha said that his government will simplify the gazetted and non-gazetted cadres in the sports council and do their best effort to discover the potential of boys from the downtown area of Kashmir as well as other regions of the state.

According to him, Jammu and Kashmir has a dedicated talent development and sports infrastructure improvement fund that has been set up specifically for this purpose. According to the LG, twelve sports stadiums located in Shahr-e-Khass regions have undergone renovations (downtown Srinagar).

In an effort to engage young people, the LG has said that financial concerns would not be a barrier for gifted athletes in the state of Kashmir, particularly in Srinagar (KNO)

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