Smugglers assaulted members of the Border Security Force jawans at the Indo-Bangladesh border.

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Smugglers assaulted members of the Border Security Force jawans at the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Yesterday evening, at 10:30 p.m., the soldiers stationed at the Matiyari border outpost were ambushed while they were engaged in a mission to apprehend illegal border crossers.
Around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, a gang of nine smugglers armed with sharp weapons and sticks assaulted soldiers of the Border Security Force who were stationed on the border between India and Bangladesh, according to authorities who spoke today.

When they were ambushed, the Matiyari border outpost personnel were in the middle of an operation to apprehend people smuggling contraband over the border. A Jawan used a weapon that was not intended to kill in order to defend himself and his companion, which caused the aggressors to flee the scene. Despite the severity of their wounds, the troops were successful in making it back to base with one of the gang members.


During the struggle, Jahangir Alam Mondal, who had been detained with 504 bottles of Phensedyl, a medicine that requires a prescription, also sustained injuries.


The wounded jawans and the captured smuggler were given first assistance as soon as it was rendered, and they were subsequently admitted to the government hospital at Krishnaganj, which is located in Bengal.
The amount of Phensedyl that was seized is thought to be worth around Rs 1,03,476.
During his questioning, Jahangir Alam Mondal said that he and his fellow conspirators had been planning to smuggle phensidyl when they were stopped by the Border Security Force (BSF). Mondal further said that his co-conspirators had assaulted the BSF jawans in order to secure his freedom.


After some time had passed, Mondal was turned over to the neighbourhood police along with the phenseydl that had been taken into custody, and a FIR was filed against him and his colleagues.

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