Check salaries and responsibilities for jobs in demand in Canada for 2022 here.

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Check salaries and responsibilities for jobs in demand in Canada for 2022 here.

Jobs come into and go out of demand constantly, and the employment market is no different. Whether there are enough suitable candidates for a job to fill open jobs depends on a variety of variables, including economics, social trends, and industrial development. Planning your professional path and putting yourself in a position to have a sustainable career requires understanding which occupations may be in demand in 2022. This article lists 16 occupations that will be in demand in Canada in 2022 and explains why some of them are likely to stay so throughout the year.

Here is a list of 16 positions, some of which are in great demand across a range of industries:

Engineer, electrical

National average yearly salary: $72,891
primary obligations: Electrical system and equipment testing is the main focus of electrical engineers. They sometimes focus on engines, entertainment systems, or systems for cars and aeroplanes. Electrical engineers may have a specific area of expertise and react to requests to assist in repairing or resolving issues. Electrical engineers are in great demand nationwide as a result of society’s growing dependence on automation and computer systems. Many systems that are relied upon by both the general public and critical personnel depend on the important assistance that electrical engineers supply.


2. Licensed nurse

$38.05 is the average hourly wage in the country.

Primary responsibilities include interacting with patients, keeping care records, and performing and interpreting basic medical tests to aid medical professionals. They play a crucial role in educating their patients about their conditions and may establish and carry out nursing care plans. Nurses have a crucial role in organising the public for testing, vaccinations, and coordination when there is a high public dependency on the healthcare system. As a result, there has been a significant increase in the need for nurse practitioners, licenced practical nurses, and registered nurses, which is expected to last until 2022.


3. A network manager

$64,838 is the yearly average pay in the nation.

Network administrators’ key responsibilities include configuring network infrastructure, taking care of repairs and maintenance, and managing software for a business using proprietary technology, such computers or phones. They are experts in keeping corporate computer networks operating smoothly and free of technical problems as a member of the IT department. Technical support personnel, such as network administrators, are especially important to sustaining corporate operation as more organisations use remote employees.


4. Financial Consultant

Payout average: $59,007 annually.

Financial advisers are accountants with the primary responsibility of assisting both corporations and people in managing their finances. They build detailed financial plans for their customers, manage their investment portfolios, and provide advice on clients’ savings and investing strategies. These consultants have grown in demand and are expected to do so in the future as consumers have had to diversify their income and reevaluate their finances.

5. An agent of customer service

National average hourly wage: $16.80

Customer service agents’ main responsibilities include interacting with clients online or over the phone to manage complaints, process orders, or respond to inquiries. They play a crucial role in preserving client happiness and coordinating with the sales and logistics teams to accept orders or plan delivery. Customer service agents will likely be in great demand in 2022 due to the growth of online and telephone shopping, as well as delivery and logistics.


No. 6 Welder

$24.59 per year is the average pay nationwide.

Welders are skilled craftspeople who fuse metals together using heat to create or repair a variety of items, constructions, or products. They are essential to preserving the structural integrity of metal objects including homes, buildings used for commerce, cars, bridges, ships, and aeroplanes. Even more so, some welders choose to specialise in certain areas, including underwater welding. Welders will likely continue to be in high demand until 2022 due to the ongoing scarcity of tradespeople.

Seven. Accountant

$53,382 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Accountants’ main responsibilities include controlling the flow of cash into and out of a business. They also maintain thorough records of a company’s financial activities in addition to creating financial reports and tax filings. Since there is a continuing need for accountants, there will likely be a need for this position for the foreseeable future.

8. project director

$75,420 per year is the average pay in the country.

Project managers’ main responsibilities include organising, planning, and monitoring the development and conclusion of projects inside an organisation with an emphasis on meeting all deadlines, spending limits, and requirements. Construction, IT, or any other company that controls the conclusion of larger-scale projects may employ project managers. The position is crucial to the success of many companies and is anticipated to be in demand for the foreseeable future.

9. Worker

National average hourly wage: $17.35

General labourers are untrained assistants available for hiring at farms, building sites, and other places that need physical labour. They could transfer supplies, carry out basic construction work, or make small repairs on structures and equipment. Due to the continuous scarcity, it is anticipated that demand for agricultural labourers, assembly line employees, and construction workers would all be strong in 2022.

10. A salesperson

$15.08 per hour is the national average wage.

Sales representatives’ main responsibilities are to help consumers find goods or services in a retail setting. When clients choose to acquire a product or service, they serve as the first point of contact and finalise the transaction. Sales representatives may still be in great demand in 2022 since they are crucial to the prosperity of the companies that employ them.

11. Assistant to the Administrator

The national average hourly wage is $20.49.

Primary responsibilities: An administrative assistant is responsible for ensuring that the leadership team of a firm runs smoothly. Answering the phone, setting up meetings and appointments, and sending and receiving mail are just a few of their responsibilities. Administrative assistants will likely be in demand in 2022 since they can do this job remotely.

12. Computer programmer

National average yearly salary: $76,021.

Software engineers’ main responsibilities are to test and create software till it satisfies a client’s requirements. They also update current programmes, do quality assurance on software, and provide documentation for software systems. They create software that enables users to carry out certain functions on computers and mobile devices, such playing games or adding data to databases. The need for developers is expected to remain consistent since software engineers may work from home and there is a constant need for new software.

13. A merchant

National average hourly wage: $16.65

In retail settings, merchandisers’ major responsibilities are to maintain and refill the stock. They communicate with shop managers to keep a consistent flow of goods through their outlet. Merchandisers often deal with in-store displays, but they may also participate in the inventory team and work in warehouses. The desire for new items is continuously strong regardless of their workplace, making retailing a desirable career path for 2022.

14. Clerk for accounts receivable

$43,743 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Accounts receivable clerks are professional accountants whose main responsibilities include managing all incoming payments for a company. They could chase past-due debts, manage finances, and handle invoice processing. Accounts receivable clerks also handle banking, issue bills, and produce financial reports. They are expected to continue to be in great demand since they are a necessary component of every successful firm.

15. Driver a truck

National average hourly wage: $23.42

Truck drivers’ main responsibilities include operating enormous trucks to transport cargo, sometimes over great distances. They play a crucial role in supply chains and are a necessary component of logistical operations. There is more product movement throughout the nation than ever before since more and more consumers are placing their orders for things online. Truck driving will probably be in great demand in 2022 as a result of this.

Manager of human resources

$72,204 is the average yearly wage in the country.

A human resource manager’s main responsibilities include acting as a bridge between management and employees and as a vital part of the human resources team. Additionally, they oversee administrative duties, supervise junior HR staff members, and collaborate closely with senior and management teams on human resource requirements. Even resources like money, time, people, and technology may be allocated. Many firms depend on this position, and it is expected to do so until 2022.

Salary numbers reflect information that was already available on Indeed Salaries. Salary ranges may differ based on the employing company, the candidate’s experience, educational background, and region. ‌

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