As Prince Albert Municipality prepares for a fiercely fought by-election, the DA has its sights set on the top prize.

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As Prince Albert Municipality prepares for a fiercely fought by-election, the DA has its sights set on the top prize.

Prince Albert is a tiny town in the Central Karoo, and its citizens were getting ready to vote in a highly fought municipal by-election on Wednesday morning when polling places opened for the day at 06:00.

The DA has its eyes set on an absolute victory in the Prince Albert Municipality, but minor parties are eager to seize control of the situation themselves.

Edward Hattingh, a candidate for the Africa Restoration Alliance (ARA), Magrietha Jaftha, a candidate for the Democratic Alliance (DA), Johnny Hendricks, a candidate for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), and Goliath Lottering, a candidate for the Karoo Gemeenskap Party, will compete in the crucial by-election in Ward 4. (KGP).

According to the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), the KGP had previously controlled the ward, but it is now up for nominations since the councillor’s membership has been revoked.

According to a statement issued by the IEC, the voter turnout for this ward in the 2021 municipal elections was 69.31%, and the KGP candidate won the ward with 31.56% of valid votes.

Before her membership in the KGP was terminated, Jaftha, who is better known by her married name of Margy Jaftha, was a party member.

The KGP was successful in winning two seats in the municipal elections held the year before, and it subsequently formed a governing coalition with the African National Congress (ANC) and the Patriotic Alliance (PA) (PA).

In July, Jaftha’s membership in the KGP was revoked as a result of claims that she had voted against her own party with the DA. This prepared the way for the by-election that took place on Wednesday.

In the next by-elections, Jaftha will compete under the flag of her newly founded political party, the DA.

The chairman of the Democratic Alliance’s east area, Venolea Fortuin, said that the party is behind Jaftha 100 percent.

Fortuin said:

She has a profound concern for everyone who lives in Prince Albert since she was born there and has a strong connection to the town. When the DA wins Ward 4 on Wednesday, they will have complete control of the Prince Albert Municipality, and Margy, together with the DA leadership in Prince Albert, will ensure that every citizen of Prince Albert benefits from excellent and clean government.

If the Democratic Assembly is successful in winning the ward, the party will get a fourth member, making it the majority party and granting it the ability to rule unopposed.

However, the PA has also set its eyes on the city located in the Central Karoo. During the previous several weeks, members of the party have been campaigning in the vicinity.

When asked for a comment, the national chairperson of the PA, Marlon Daniels, responded by saying that the PA does not speak to News 24.

However, PA leader Gayton McKenzie said the following in a recent tweet: “The Democratic Alliance is no longer confined to its former stronghold in the Western Cape. We have already seized Cederberg, and we will capture Knysna later today. In the next several weeks, we will take Prince Albert.”

Winde Plaatjies, the spokesman for the African National Congress (ANC) in the Central Karoo, said that the party will not be running in the by-election.

Plaatjies said:

It is one of the wards in which the African National Congress does not have a base of operations. When it came to that ward, we were the fourth party to run… Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that it is better for us to construct our buildings and just demonstrate visibility.

According to Plaatjies, the by-election in Prince Albert is very important for putting the partnership between the KGP, PA, and ANC to the test.

“In the past, this ward belonged to the KGP, and we continue to believe that they are the more capable partner in this ward. As a result, they are required to challenge it. Our first objective is to prevent the Democratic Alliance from gaining power in the Central Karoo “he remarked.

On Wednesday, polling places are scheduled to shut at 21:00 local time, and the results are expected to be made available later that evening.

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