When Arshdeep Singh was getting on the team bus, was he verbally abused by a fan? Not at all, and here is the truth

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When Arshdeep Singh was getting on the team bus, was he verbally abused by a fan? Not at all, and here is the truth

Cricket player Arshdeep Singh was subjected to despicable treatment on social media by those who call themselves fans of the sport after he botched a catch against Pakistan on Sunday. The catch was made by Asif Ali. During the match against Pakistan, Arshdeep performed an excellent job attempting to protect seven runs in the last over of the game.

In a similar fashion, Arsheep faced Sri Lanka on Tuesday and found himself with just 7 runs to defend in the last over of the match. He nearly brought the game to the final ball, but Sri Lanka maintained their composure and won the match, giving them their second victory of the Super4 tournament.


But nothing can explain the heavy abuse that Arshdeep had to undergo for his lost catch on social media. After the Pakistan game, though, he garnered support from every angle.

Fan unjustly trolled

A video of Arshdeep interacting with one of his fans is shown here.

In the midst of all of this, a video has recently surfaced online in which a guy can be heard conversing with the Indian pacer. The conversation can be heard on the internet. Almost immediately after that, a senior journalist is heard reprimanding a Punjabi fan for reportedly throwing offensive remarks in Punjabi in relation to Arshdeep’s drop catch against Pakistan. The context of the alleged comments was the match between India and Pakistan.


The guy, who said he was from India, was waiting to get a glimpse of the cricket players as they boarded the team bus after India suffered a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka in an intense match. Arshdeep Singh, who plays for India and is a speed bowler, was one of the last cricket players to get aboard the team bus.


The supporter can be heard speaking a few things while filming a video on his phone just before the 23-year-old was ready to walk aboard the bus.


This is the footage of the event that took place:

The reality is as follows:

Because the comments were spoken in Punjabi, the majority of fans were unable to comprehend what the fan had really stated in the video; as a result, their responses were based on the reprimand given by veteran journalist Vimal Kumar.


However, those who are able to comprehend Punjabi are aware that the unfortunate fan was really attempting to comfort the young fast bowler. In contrast to what many people believed, he referred to Arshdeep as Sardar, not ‘Gaddar,’ but since the two terms are so synonymous with one another, many thought he was talking about Gaddar.


What exactly did he have to say?

Not only that, but he also offered consolation to Arshdeep by telling him that there was no need for him to be dejected since he had not dropped the catch on purpose.


“Sardar aaja, catch chutt te rehne ne, kede jaan ke chade ne fer ki huya (Sardar, it’s alright brother, catches are dropped. It’s not like you were trying to hide the fact that you dropped it “he can be heard saying in the footage.


Fan unjustly trolled

However, the veteran journalist Vimal Kumar who was standing next to him was certain that he referred to Arshdeep as a “Gaddar” (traitor). After that, Kumar, who had been a witness to what the other individual had said, confronted him about his comments and gave him a reprimand that was commensurate with the offence. The fact that the Punjab pacer had paused for a little period of time on the steps of the bus showed that possibly he, too, had misunderstood what he had said.


When the video of the event went viral, even the news stories that were published in many newspapers and on several websites blamed the spectator of mistreating the pacer. The individuals who followed the person on social media platforms also joined in on the criticism of the individual.


The guy was also shown on video smiling sheepishly, as if he could not get why he was being dragged in for his inspiring statements. After some time, he was forced to apologise to the security staff before they would move out of the way so the bus could leave the stadium.

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