An elephant of the wild was killed in Kerala after being caught in a live-wire trap intended for wild boars.

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An elephant of the wild was killed in Kerala after being caught in a live-wire trap intended for wild boars.

On Wednesday, the body of a wild elephant was discovered in the Palakkad region of Kerala. The elephant had been electrocuted from a trap that had been set by poachers hunting wild boars.

On Wednesday morning, a few villagers in the area of Mundur discovered the dead carcass of a female elephant at an estate nearby. It is estimated that the elephant was around 15 years old.


An Elephant in the Wild Was Electrocuted In Kerala.

Set a trap for the wild boars.

Traps rigged with lethal live wires

Conflict between humans and animals in Kerala

The increasing issue of wild boars in Kerala


Set a trap for the wild boars.

Some residents in the area claim that poachers had set up a number of electric traps in the field where the elephant’s body was discovered.

According to a statement made by the Kerala Forest Department, an investigation has been initiated in order to determine the reason for the death.

“The deceased elephant was a member of a herd that was routinely seen in the vicinity before to its death. We have been successful in driving them back into the woods on several occasions in the past. During the course of our inquiry, we discovered that an approximately kilometer-long stretch of land has a lot of electric traps that had been placed there. This is potentially lethal for all living things, including people “a representative from the Forest Department remarked.


Traps rigged with lethal live wires

Poachers that use illegal electric traps to capture wild boars have, in the past, been responsible for many fatalities as a result of their actions.

During the month of May, two police officers in Palakkad were killed after they walked on one of these live-wire traps by mistake.

Conflict between humans and animals in Kerala

The killing of the elephant in Palakkad comes at a time when human-animal violence is on the increase throughout the state of Kerala.

In the Palakkad district of Kumaramputhur, a herd of wild elephants was responsible for the destruction of a major banana crop on Tuesday.

According to the residents of the area, the elephant herd had been camped out in the community for many days and had caused significant damage to the crops.

At least six individuals have been taken out of existence by wild elephants in the state of Kerala since June 2022.

There were 34,875 reported occurrences of animals attacking people between the years 2011 and March 2022, with a total of 1,233 fatalities as a consequence of these assaults, as shown by official statistics from the Kerala Forest Department.

The rising issue of wild boars in Kerala

It has also been suggested that wild elephants and wild boars are to blame for the widespread devastation of crops in several areas of Kerala.

Farmers in Kerala who were fed up with the damage of their crops demanded that wild pigs, whose number has increased in recent years, be labelled pests and be permitted to be slaughtered. Wild boar populations have skyrocketed in recent years.

In addition to the destruction of crops, their assaults have resulted in the injury and, in rare instances, even the death of a number of people.

As of April of this year, the proposal made by the government of Kerala to label wild boars as vermin was denied by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change. This was due to the fact that wild boars make up a significant portion of the food base for both tigers and leopards.

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